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AutoPool (Kreepy Krauly)

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Our Range of AutoPool (Kreepy Krauly)

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Kreepy Krauly Perth

When it comes to cleaning your pool, Kreepy Krauly is one name many Australians trust. Its products will make your pool cleaner and safer for the entire family.

Kreepy Krauly offers automated pool cleaners that make the task of cleaning your pool easier and more convenient. They use advanced technology to make pool maintenance simple for all pool owners. The brand is popular among our customers because of its quality and effectiveness.

You can use Kreepy Krauly products in both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. They can help maintain healthy and clean water conditions all the time. There’s no need to supervise the cleaning of your pool when you have a Kreepy Krauly on the job.

Our Top Kreepy Krauly Models

  • Marathon – This pool cleaning model can filter out algae and dirt from the pool water. It has a four-way mechanism that sieves impurities by concentrating the flow of water. It is also available in a more powerful model, called the Ultra Marathon Pool Cleaner.
  • Conquest – Kreepy Krauly claims Conquest is its smart cleaner leaving no impurities and spots behind. The device has wings on both sides to collect impurities while skimming the bottom of the pool.
  • Kadet – This is the smaller version of the Marathon. It has a wide mouth suction scoop that offers maximum pick up speed. This is designed to ensure that all debris and impurities are vacuumed into the basket.
  • Kreepy Krauly Hoses – We stock genuine hoses from Kreepy Krauly. They are available in 10m and 12m sizes. We also stock other Kreepy Krauly replacement parts.

All Kreepy Krauly models are designed to work automatically. All you need to do is to set it up and forget about it.

Find out more about Kreepy Krauly and the best model for your specific pool and lifestyle by contacting us today.

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