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Open Swimming Pool Prep For Spring


  1. Roll up pool covers.
    Pool cover Perth
  2. Add water to bring the level midway up the skimmer before turning on your pool pump.
  3. Connect pool pump to pool plumbing if it is not a permanent attachment.
    1. Prime your pool pump.
    2. Turn your pump on and check for leaks. If your pool pump fails, phone our helpful pool shop staff on 0428 203 964 for advice on whether to repair or replace your pool pump.
  4. Vacuum leaves / debris. If you can, bypass your filtering system by turning your valve to “waste” mode. You’ll loose water but keep you hose water running so that your pump doesn’t run dry. Run pump for 24 hours.
  5. Take a sample of your pool water for analysis to the Pool Equipment Price Slashers pool shop in Dianella for free water testing before 4pm. Getting chemical levels right is important for a safe and crystal clear pool.
  6. Circulate swimming pool water 6 to 12 hours per day. Pool pump time on depends on how big your pool is and how good your pool equipment is.
  7. If your pool water is cold but you’re keen to use your swimming pool in Spring or Autumn, then consider swimming pool water heating options such as covering your pool with an insulated pool cover and using a heat pump which can be cheaper than gas/electricity heating or solar pool heating if you need to pump water to a high head such as through roof top solar collectors.
    Heat pump Perth

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