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Pool Chemical Feeders

Pool chemical feeders save you time on routine maintenance and care. Pool chemicals, such as chlorine and bromine, keep the pool safe to swim in. However, it can be tricky and time consuming to balance the application of these chemicals.

Under or over chlorinating the pool can lead to waste and an unsafe environment. That’s why we suggest using pool chemical feeders for the task.

Other terms you may have heard of for pool chemical feeders include erosion feeders, automatic pool chlorinators and pool chemical dispensers.

How Do Pool Chemical Feeders Work?

A chemical feeder is easy to use. It is an effective and efficient method of sanitising your pool. It provides the right amount of chlorine and bromine to the pool. You don’t need to worry about having too much or too little chemicals at any one time.

There are two types of chemical pool feeders. You can choose either one based on your preferences. They are:

  • In-Line Chemical Feeder – It is installed within the pool’s plumbing system. Although it is reasonably easy to install, you might want to employ a professional to ensure it is installed correctly.
  • Off-Line Chemical Feeder – This type of feeder doesn’t require special installation. It is the preferred option when there’s no room for an in-line feeder. However, you do need to secure it on the pool to keep it stationary.

How to Use Chemical Dispensers

Chemical feeders typically contain one week’s worth of bromine and chlorine. Overfilling it doesn’t increase the time between fills. Instead, it would push more chemicals into the pool. So it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Over chlorinating will lead to a pH imbalance in your pool. Chemical feeders require either chemical sticks or tablets. As water flows over them, they will dissolve slowly over time. The best chemical feeders have a consistent dissolve rate and constant flow.

Some feeders use liquid chlorine. This kind is often used in public and commercial pools. The feeder pumps liquid chlorine into the pool, with an output control dial to control the amount of chemicals going into the pool.

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