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Pool Lights Perth

A swimming pool is a design feature that can improve the value of your home. It is a great place to entertain family and friends, whether you’re hosting a pool party or a regular barbecue. But if you want to use the area at night, you will need good pool lights.

As a leading supplier of pool lights in Perth, we know that the right lighting can make a world of difference to your outdoor space. There are a few things you should consider before installing pool lights on your property.

The Benefits of Pool Lights

Installing pool lights offers several advantages in terms of both aesthetics and safety. Below are the specific benefits you can get from pool lighting:

  • Improves Safety. Pool lights enhance the visibility of the pool area during night time. It also makes the nearby areas safer as light spills over to them. This is particularly important if children are using the pool area at night.
  • Extend Pool Usage. You can use the pool more easily when the sun goes down.
  • Creates Ambience. Lighting can bring a relaxing or even party vibe to the pool (depending on the pool lights you choose).
  • Define Design Elements. Pool lights can help define design and architectural elements of your outdoor area such as decks, walls, fire pits, pergolas, and gazebos. Also, it can highlight features such as bubblers, spas, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains.

When done right, pool lights will set the tone of the area, transforming an ordinary or regular pool design into an extraordinary feature. You can use pool lights to enhance the mood in the space. Additionally, you can use variable coloured lights to change up décor and the lighting depending on the holiday or occasion.

Types of Pool Lights

Most pool lighting today uses LED lights. These are typically budget-friendly and last longer than older style pool lights. You can also change their colours with a remote.

Contact us today to learn more about getting pool lights in Perth. We can also help you with your other pool equipment needs.

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