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Our Range of Automation

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Pool automation empowers pool owners by offering full control over your pool. With pool automation you can control and schedule everything from pool pumps, sanitising, heating products, water features, water chemistry, and lighting.

Adding automation can take the work out of your pool maintenance and other labour-intensive functions, such as balancing pH, filtration, cleaning, and sanitation. It can also save you money in the long run. Automating all essential pool functions can save up to 70 percent of the energy costs of the pool.

We offer several pool automation systems for all budgets, from entry-level automation to comprehensive automation systems.

How Does Pool Automation Work?

Pool automation relies on integrating pool equipment with automated wi-fi enabled systems. Some systems require wiring that connects the equipment to a switch or control while some of the advanced smart control systems allow wireless connectivity.

Typically, your pool automation system will have a control hub that connects to the pump, smart relays, and the heater. The smart relays control other devices, such as booster pumps and lights. It has a touchscreen control pad to manually operate all the equipment, even if there’s no internet connection.

The best thing about automation is that you can add it to your existing pool equipment. You can install automation systems in around two hours.

Advantages of Pool Automation

  • You get a more efficient system that can save you money in the long run.
  • Even if you install an entry-level system now, you can easily upgrade it in the future.
  • You can connect the pool automation with voice activated home assistants, such as Alexa.

Do You Need to Automate Your Pool System?

We recommend an automated pool system if your pool features a complex filter system, special features, or a piece of pool equipment that’s far from the house. Pool automation is also very helpful for pool owners who are away from home a lot.

Find out more about pool automation and the right model for your requirements by contacting us today.

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