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Grey Water Sewer Pumps

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Our Range of Grey Water Sewer Pumps

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Grey Water Sewer Pumps

Pool Equipment Price Slashers sell a range of grey water sewer pumps suitable for a variety of applications, such as lawn and garden irrigation, water transfer, draining septic tanks, and more.

Grey water generated from baths, showers, basins, washing machines and dishwashers can be re-used with grey water pumps that receive and pump away the grey water. The water is then treated and filtered to remove solids and other particles before it is used again for watering the garden, washing your car or cleaning outdoor surfaces.

Grey water sewer pumps are a popular choice for those who want to live more sustainably by reducing their water consumption. They are also a great way to save money on water.

Our Range of Grey Water Sewer Pumps

At Pool Equipment Price Slashers, our grey water pumps are made from well-known manufacturers such as Onga, Franklin Electric, and Davey. We stock a selection of grey water sewer pumps with different drainage applications, depending on your requirements.

The Onga Vipvort 180/6 Sump Pump is suitable for transferring water containing particles, so works well for draining septic tanks and removing flood water.

The Davey Double Case submersible dewatering pump is capable of automatic operation, can pump small, soft solids, and is less vulnerable to blockages.

To find out which of our grey water pumps will suit your needs, contact Pool Equipment Price Slashers today.

Affordable Grey Water Pumps Perth

At Pool Equipment Price Slashers, we don’t just sell grey water sewer pumps, we also sell bore pumps, pool pump filter combos, pressure pumps, spa pumps and swimming pool pumps. All of our products are available at the lowest genuine prices in Perth.

If you’ve got any questions about grey water pumps or our other pool products, contact us and we will help you with stock availability, pricing and other advice.

For the best price on pool supplies in Perth, contact Pool Equipment Price Slashers today!