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Are you looking for a salt chlorinator in Perth? Do you want to know the difference between salt chlorinators and other types of systems?

Pool Equipment Price Slashers are leading suppliers of salt chlorinators and pool equipment and are ready to help with all of your pool needs.

What is a Salt Chlorinator System?

A salt chlorinator system simplifies the process of cleaning and sanitising your pool. It doesn’t use traditional chlorine products so you can maintain your pool without worrying about the effects and annoyance of regularly adding strong chemicals to your pool.

A salt pool chlorinator uses electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine. It has two main parts, made up of a pool chlorinator cell and the control board.

  • Pool Chlorinator Cell – this part converts salt into chlorine. The cell contains iridium-coated plates that connect to the control board. As water goes through the plates, the control board charges the plates, and the electrolysis converts salt into chlorine.
  • Control Board – This component is responsible for the electrolysis process. It sends electrical charges to the pool chlorinator cell. The control board allows you to schedule the chlorination process and the feed rate.

Keep in mind that using a pool chlorinator doesn’t make the pool chlorine-free but it is less likely to have a strong smell and result in red eyes and skin irritation than you may get with a traditional chlorine pool. It is also a more reliable form of maintaining chlorine levels.

Buying a Pool Chlorinator Perth

It doesn’t matter what type of pool you have, a salt chlorinator can work wonders for it. Browse through our products and reach out to our friendly customer service team if you have any questions.

To learn more about buying a pool chlorinator in Perth, contact us today. We can also assist you with other pool equipment questions you may have.

For the best price on pool supplies in Perth, contact Pool Equipment Price Slashers today!