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If you want to ensure your pool looks and performs at its best, you will want to invest in pool equipment from a reliable brand. The Hayward pool pump, cleaner and filter offer the ultimate in functionality and value for money.

At Pool Equipment Price Slashers we stock high-quality pool equipment that will get the job done and last the distance. Established in 2003, our company is one of the leading suppliers of top quality Hayward pool equipment in WA and Australia. We purchase in bulk so we can pass the savings on to you.

Why choose Hayward for your pool equipment needs

For many years, Hayward pool equipment has been the brand of choice for Australian pool-owners. The brand is known for its top-rated products that don’t only function efficiently but also last for many years, making them great investments for your pool.

We at Pool Equipment Price Slashers trust and recommend Hayward because we’ve seen the results first-hand. Key products in our Hayward pool equipment range include the Hayward pool pump, the Hayward pool cleaner (robotic and suction cleaners), and the Hayward pool filter.

We also stock Hayward chlorinators and automation solutions which will manage and automate key functions for your pool or spa, from balancing pH and cleaning to filtration. It also has an option to control other features in the outdoor space at your property, including lighting, water features, sprinklers and more. This level of automation can save up to 70% on your pool or spa’s energy usage.

Additionally, we stock the Hayward Sense and Dispense® technology solutions which were previously only available for commercial pools. Sense and Dispense continuously tests the water, and samples pH and chlorine levels. It will automatically calculate and dispense the right amount of chemicals for your pool.

Check Out Our Hayward Pool Equipment Range

So if you’re looking for a brand to trust for your pool equipment needs, check out our Hayward pool equipment range online.

You can get in touch with our friendly customer service team at Pool Equipment Price Slashers to learn more about any of the Hayward pool equipment that we have in stock.

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