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Astral / Hurlcon – Viron P320XT Variable Speed Pump

Astral / Hurlcon - Viron P320XT Variable Speed Pump

Astral Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Eco Pump

9 Star Energy Rating

Adjustable variable speed settings from 600 RPM to 3600 RPM

Save up to $ 700 per year in operating costs

3 Year Warranty

Astral Viron P320 Benefits

Ideal for the average sized pool, the Astral Viron P320 XT has a flow rate sufficient to backwash up to 30″ or 800mm diameter sand filters, provide a powerful vacuum when cleaning the pool and drive up to 6 spa jets.

The large liquid crystal display clearly shows the RPM of the P320 motor and enables adjustment of the start up priming time, priming flow rate, and visual display of each speed setting.

The inbuilt 24-hour timer is easily enabled and provides up to four time periods each day with different speed settings to provide the perfect flow rate for your pool.

Reduced CO2 emissions.

Low speed means ultra quiet allowing operation at night or early morning.

Low speed means lower pressures extending the life of other pool equipment.

Low speed means better filtration resulting in sparkling clear water.

For the technically minded:

The highlighted row in the table represents the total number of litres pumps per watt of energy used.

Each Astral P320 XT pump is tested at factory present speeds but each speed, (low, medium and high) can be changed to suit your individual swimming pool application.

For purposes of comparison with single speed pumps, the Astral P320 XT on maximum speed has a similar flow rate to most other 1.25 hp or 1.5 hp pumps.

The Viron P520 XT on maximum speed compares closely with most other 2.0 hp or 2.5 hp pumps.

The total head represents the total friction losses of both inlet pipe to the pump and returns to pool plumbing including fittings and equipment.

Note how the pump efficiency measured in litres per watt dramatically improves on lower speeds.


Viron P320 Pump

Viron P520 Pump

Standard Pumps

LowMedHighLowMedHighCTX 280BX 1.0BX 2.0
Power Input (watts)153.1661.11086.4147.5587.11582.11094.81130.41909.9
Current (amps)
Flow Rate (lpm)121.0212.0252.0122.0216.0307.0244.0245.0314.0
Efficiency (litres per watt)47.419.213.949.622.111.613.413.09.9
Power Factor0.540630.620.730.90.910.970.950.96
Total Head (m)

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