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Hydrospin Compact Filter


The HydroSpin is a hydrocyclone pre-filter cleaning device that can be fitted to your filtration system for new and existing installations. It is fitted between the pump and the filter to separate out solids of up to 40 micron, thus reducing half the amount of water consumed when cleaning the filtration system.

HydroSpin has a device for collecting solids with three separate areas (settling, clarifying and thickening). The HydroSpin can be cleaned using just five litres of water without having to stop the pump.

Couple this with an oversized commercial grade Cartridge filter and save between 7000 and 12000 litres of backwash water every year.

This filter includes an antimicrobial filter element enhancing disinfection and provides added safety.

1. Water saving is obtained by using the Hydrospin pre filter in conjunction with the 200sq’ cartridge filter with Microban element. The Hydrospin Pre filter removes water suspended particles down to 40 microns ensuring that only the smallest particles (down to 8 microns) are captured by the cartridge filter. Utilising these items together in place of a sand filter which requires backwashing once a month will ensure a water saving of at least 12000 litres per year.

This is based on back washing a pool with a sand filter every 6 weeks over a year at 1400 litres per back wash cycle.

The Hydrospin + cartridge filter system will require the Hydrospin to be cleaned once a month (5ltrs) and the cartridge to be soaked and hosed once a year (50ltrs) being a total usage of 110 litres

2. Power saving is based on an E290 1.5hp pump that will turn over a 45,000 ltr pool twice in a day (within 2 x 4 hour standard filter periods) using 8.96Kwh of energy @ $0.30c/Kwh. This is against the P300 BLDC motor pump running on low speed to turn over the same volume of water in the same time frame at low speed using 1.164Kwh. This translates to a cost saving of $2.34 per day based on a rate of $0.30c/Kwh

3. Chemical savings and usage are based on utilising the Ozonator as the primary sanitiser for the swimming pool substantially reducing the need for added chemicals to sanitise the pool. With the Ozonator being the primary sanitiser we only require a small amount of residual measurable sanitiser in the water to comply with the Australian standard. This is effected by the use of a tablet chlorine feeder which bleeds a small amount of free chlorine into the water during the filtration period. The need for large amounts of chemicals, chlorine or other types of sanitiser are substantially reduced.

4. Greenhouse carbon emissions are reduced by at least 80% in 2 ways; (1) The reduction in power usage for he pump will have a direct correlation to the amount of energy required to power each pump as illustrated above in the cost saving exercise. (2) By using the Enviro Smart system in it’s entirety the need to transport large quantities of chemicals to the retailer for sale and then home to the pool for use will be substantially reduced needing fewer trucks to transport chemicals and fewer trips to the shop to pick them up. This in turn reduces the complete carbon foot print of the pool.

Features & Benefits

◦Save up to 50% of the amount of water used to clean your filter.
◦Considerable reduction in filter cleaning operation.
◦Low head pressure losses that make it possible to install without the need to change the existing pump.
◦Can be fitted to the wall with the accessories provided.
◦Supplied with a standard 50mm connections for water inflow and outflow and 32mm for the evacuation of dirt.

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