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Autopool – Aquatight Espa Libra

Autopool - Aquatight Espa Libra

Aquatight carefully selects and brings only Europe’s finest into Australia. The robust Espa Libra is ideal for Australian climates and conditions.

· Chemical & weather-resistant modified prolypropylene
· Maximum quality
· For pools of all sizes
· 10 year tank warranty 2 year valve and lateral warranty


Filters with valve made of chemical and weather-resistant modified polypropylene. Injection-moulded, with the two halves thermally welded. Highly versatile, 6-way valve. Maximum quality, from 520 to 760 mm diameter for all swimming pools.


Working pressure 2.5 bar; maximum pressure 3.5 bar. Connection with 40mm 6-way valve for 520 and 620 mm diameter models; 50mm for 760 mm diameter models. Fitted with pressure gauge and air purge. Double drainage in the lower section of the filter: 40mm to totally empty the filter; 25mm to drain water without releasing sand.
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