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AutoPool – Aquatight Pinnacle Eco Multi Speed

AutoPool - Aquatight Pinnacle Eco Multi Speed

The Pinnacle in Pool & Spa Pumps!

Aquatight Pinnacle quality pool pumps provide high performance – even in salt water pools and spas.

  • Pinnacle “Single Speed” Pumps – Models from 0.75 to 3HP
  • Pinnacle ECO VS340 “Multi Speed” Pump

Introducing the all new ECO pump! The Aquatight ECO VS340 gives you Power When You Need It – Economy When You Don’t

Save up to $350 a year!

Unlike single speed pumps which run at maximum speed, the new Aquatight ECO VS340 Multi Speed Pool Pump has 3 power settings:

  • ECO (NORMAL OPERATION) – 2000 rpm for normal filtration and to run your automatic pool cleaner
  • CLEANING – 2410 rpm for fast, heavy duty cleaning
  • TURBO – 2850 rpm for backwash filter flushing


Please click here to see the full range and product specifications of Autopool Pool Pumps.