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Autopool – Aquatight UV Sterilisers

Autopool - Aquatight UV Sterilisers

In swimming pools, UV purifications systems are used to supplement the traditional methods of water treatment. As a result:

• Risk of infection is reduced because bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores are killed

• Unpleasant smell is removed, because the chloramines that cause this smell are destroyed

Importantly, with UV purification as a supplement, chlorination methods need less chlorine for the same result.

UV technology is not suitable for sole use, because swimming pool water circulation has to take solids and inorganic compounds into consideration, hence filtration and chemical processes are also needed. A standard technique is to circulate part of the water through a continuous flow UV device, thus creating a partial closed loop system. This in combination with the chlorinator produces effective purification. It can reduce the chlorine dose up to 50%.

Main benefits of UV treatment for swimming pools:

• Better for the environment than traditional methods
• No red eyes or skin irritation
• No problems for people with asthma or allergies
• High reduction of chlorine smells
• Lower cost in chemicals, energy and maintenance
• Improved water clarity
• Clean and fresh water


• Small diameter for small system design and design flexibility
• Also available with TCLP compliance that can be disposed of as non toxic waste


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