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Davey – ClevaLink

Davey - ClevaLink

The Davey ClevaLink™ Appliance Control System includes a Master Control Unit (MCU) and a Link Control Unit (LCU) which can be operated together or individually to suit your needs. You can add LCUs to increase the network capability whenever it’s required.

Master Appliance Control Unit (MCU) and Remote ClevaLink™ is easy to set up and operate, just set and forget. The MCU includes a clear LCD display, simple touchpad controls and 2 x 10 Amp outlets in a robust, weatherproof, wall-mountable unit.

The MCU is a sophisticated controller, which includes 16 inbuilt timers, 8 appliance group functions, and macro functions for the ultimate in easy, convenient appliance control.

The MCU provides automated wireless control over multiple ClevaLink™ units so you can easily control many different appliances.

It also comes with an 8 channel remote control so you can control individual appliances or grouped appliances at the press of one button.

The LCU is a 2 x 10 Amp weatherproof and wall mountable outlet that can be remote controlled and wirelessly linked to the MCU and multiple LCU’s to control all of your pool and yard appliances.

Plug and Play – The Davey ClevaLink™ is so easy to install, just plug and play. No need for an electrician to hard wire it so you can do it yourself economically and hassle-free.

For more information on the ClevaLink products, call Davey direct on 1300 369 100


The complete product specifications can be viewed here.