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Davey & Monarch – Davey Easy Clear® Cartridge Filter

Davey & Monarch - Davey Easy Clear® Cartridge Filter

The Easy Clear® range of cartridge filters has been specifically designed for the filtration of water in inground and above ground swimming pools and spa pools.The Easy Clear® range is ideal for:Domestic swimming pools, Spa pools, Water features and Aquaculture  applications


  • The filter element is constructed of Du Pont Reemay which is recognised for its excellent filtration and long life.
  • Low profile design means elements are easier to lift out for cleaning and require less height for installation.
  • A.B.S tank construction is robust, UV and corrosion resistant for a long and reliable working life.
  • An automatic air bleed prevents air from building up in the tank while the pump is running.
  • A manual air bleed valve enables the filter to be de-pressurised before opening for quick safe cleaning.
  • A choice of two inlet ports enables the plumbing to be installed at either 90 or 180 degrees to the outlet for greater flexibility in installation.
  • An automatic tank bypass valve prevents internal pressure exceeding safe levels.


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