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Davey Silensor – SLS100 Pool Pump

Davey Silensor - SLS100 Pool Pump

Davey Silensor – SLS100 Pool Pump.

Having a pool as part of your home is usually a family affair. There are some very important components that it must be comprised of in order for the pool to be totally useful.

This pump suits a pool that has a water capacity of less than 26,000 L.

Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump is an excellent choice simply because it can maintain the standard requirements of the pool as it pertains to everyone in the family.

With a rating of between 54 and 56 dBa, your neighbours won’t even know it’s there. The SLS 100 is the replacement for the Davey Power Ace 100 pumps. No changes in plumbing required.

  • 0.7 Horse Power
  • 200 Litres / Minute @ 5m Head