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Davey – SolarMatic Solar Controller & Pool Heating System

Davey - SolarMatic Solar Controller & Pool Heating System

“Free” Pool and Spa Heating
Solarmatic Digital Solar Controller
Controls your solar heating pump to capture the free heat generated by the sun and transfers it into your pool water, through a solar heat collection system, at practically no cost.

The SolarMatic controller can be combined with Davey’s full suite of solar heating components such as solar booster pumps and roof-mounted manifold and solar absorber systems to provide the complete solar heating package.

For complete coverage of your pool and spa heating needs, consider installing a both a solar heating system and a gas heating system. With this equipment you get economical heating during the warm sunny months, and heat-on-demand during the colder months of the year.


SolarMatic Digital Solar Controller:

  • Total control of solar pool heating equipment utilising advanced touch pad technology.
  • Fully weather protected UV stabilised rust proof cabinet
  • Large digital display of pool, roof and set temperatures.
  • Solar pump switching is relay free and contactless providing exceptional reliability.
  • System operates only when free heat is available on the roof.
  • Auto-purge funtion regularly flushes your complete solar system, virtually eliminating the incidence of bacteria, mould, fungus and algae growing within the absorber when not in use.
  • Built in Tropical mode to cool water in tropical areas.

Solar Manifolds and Absorber systems:

  • Manifolds made from high strength LURAN S plastics for durability during installation, long service life and high resistance to ageing and chemical attack
  • Solar absorber collector available in EPDM and PVC materials in various coil lengths
  • Available accessories: Vacuum relief valve, barb joiners, PVC tube locks, silicone sealant / adhesive.