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LED Lights

LED Lights

The Ceramic Light Engine is the latest and most advanced technology in L.E.D. underwater pool and spa lighting. Spa Electrics is confident that this is the brightest light on the market. The Ceramic Light Engine (L.E.D.) is available as a surface mounted light – model GK7. The Ceramic Light Engine itself is only slightly larger than a postage stamp. The L.E.D.’s are encased in ceramic allowing for excellent heat dissipation and maximum light output. A heat sink has also been added to the backplate to aid in cooling. The light output for the Ceramic Light Engine can be compared to a standard surface mounted 100 watt Halogen light, providing a wide spread of light and a beam length of 8 to 10 metres. With the use of this technology you can be confident of exceptional light output and 70,000 hours plus of burn time for the L.E.D. module, which means you will never have to change a globe ever again. The Ceramic Light Engine has a patented driver card. With this light only drawing 25 watts of power it is four times more efficient than the conventional 100 watt halogen, resulting in large savings in running costs.

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