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Waterco – Zane Gulf Panel

Waterco - Zane Gulf Panel

Zane Solar absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to your swimming pool. The water in your pool is heated as it flows through a series of solar absorbers strategically installed on your roof. The heated water is returned to the pool to increase itsoverall temperature.

Zane Gulfpanels are precision injection moulded from a highgrade formulated polymer, selected for its outstandingheat transfer properties and its exceptional durability. Gulfpanels are UV stabilised and designed towithstand extreme weather conditions
Gulfpanel’s modular design allows the creation of a solar system, which is easily adaptable to a variety of roof configurations.

The solar absorber’s thick circular wall structure is impervious to attacks from birds and wildlife

• Modular one-piece solar panels
• Outstanding heat transfer properties
• Exceptional durability and UV stabilised
• Impervious to attacks from birds and wildlife
• 10-year warranty on solar Gulf panel absorber material PLUS a further 5-year warranty on pro-rata basis.
• 7 Year Limited Wildlife Warranty. 2-year warranty PLUS a further 5-year warranty on a pro-rata basis.


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