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Waterco – Zane Gulf Stream

Waterco - Zane Gulf Stream

Zane Solar absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to your swimming pool. The water in your pool is heated as it flows through a series of solar absorbers strategically installed on your roof. The heated water is returned to the pool to increase it soverall temperature.
Zane solar absorbers are designed to gain maximum direct heat from the sun, plus extract reflected and conducted heat from the roofing material.

Zane Gulfstream solar absorbers are easily installed on most types of roofing material. Its unique raised webbing allows for greater drainage of water and moisture from the roof surface. This single feature prevents metal roofs from accumulating rust points.

• Custom built to the shape of your roof
• Maximum heat gain
• Long life UV stabilised
• 10-year warranty on solar Gulfstream absorber material PLUS a further 5-year warranty on pro-rata basis.



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