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Petrol Fire Pumps Perth

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Petrol Fire Pumps Perth

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Protecting your property against fires with fire fighting equipment such as fire fighting pumps, is a high priority for all properties at risk of bushfires. Imagine a raging bushfire driven by strong winds. The mains water trickles as others use scheme water to defend their homes. Burnt trees falling over electric power lines cut your power supply. Without a source of water such as a water tank or a swimming pool and a fire fighting pump, your fire fighting emergency plan might be better as an early evacuation plan. No stand and defend – with what? – a wet bag or tree branch? If your fire fighting emergency plan doesn’t include a reliable fire pump, stay and defend shouldn’t be an option. With the long hot summers that we experience in Western Australia, it is imperative that you have the right bushfire management and protection systems in place for your property. This is especially true in Perth hills suburbs like Darlington when the ground fuel load has built up in recent years


Pool Equipment Price Slashers can supply an extensive range of premium quality fire fighting pumps, engine driven pumps, hoses, equipment and fittings to suit your requirements.

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