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Halogen Lights
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Halogen Lights

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Spa Electrics have been manufacturing 12volt 100watt Halogen underwater lights for over 30 years. These lights are available in two different styles to suit your needs: The flush mounted light and the surface mounted light. Our globes are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure a long burn life and powerful water penetration, providing a wide spread of light and a beam length of up to 8 metres. The average lamp life is approx 1200 hours. To maximize the lamp life of your Halogen globe your light should be turned on regularly, lack of use can potentially damage the globe and shorten its life. It is essential that you do not turn a Halogen light on out of water. The globe burns white hot and you will cause damage to your light’s seal and over a very short period of time cause the light to melt or deform, when this happens it enables water to enter the light cavity, destroying your Light

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